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Ethics Committee

Due to the concern with the ethical conduct during the development of research, UNIPAR created the Ethics Committee in Research involving Animal Experimentation (CEPEEA) and the Ethics Committee in Research involving Human Beings (CEPEH), which are part of the Executive Board of Management in Research and Post-graduation. They have the purpose of analyzing, issuing opinions and certificates pursuant to ethic principles established by the National Council of Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA) and the Brazil Platform.

Ethics Committee in Research Involving Human Beings - CEPEH


Internal regulation

Brazil Platform


Resolution No. 466, dated 2 December, 2012

Internal Committee on Biosecurity (CIBio)

The Internal Committee on Biosecurity is an organ with analytical, propositive and guiding nature for biosecurity matters, working towards the containment of genetically modified organisms, operating in the management of prevention and minimization of risks inherent to the research, teaching, technological development and reference service activities that may jeopardize the health of humans, animals, the environment, or the quality of the work developed.

Internal Committee on Biosecurity - CIBio



CIBio Regulation


Form for forwarding Final Report to CEPEEA

Unified Form for Requesting Authorization for the Use of Animals in Teaching or Development

Didactic Resources

Template - Free and Clarified Consent Form for the Use of Animals (TCLE)

Consent Term for Studies with Domestic Animals Kept Outside the Facilities of

Teaching or Scientific Research Institutions

Institutional Consent Term

Free and Clarified Consent Term (TCLE)

2022 CEPEEA Schedule

2022 CEPEH Schedule

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