Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

15 vacancies (master's degree)
12 vacancies (doctorate degree)



The Program has 29 research labs, with six of them being of exclusive use, where the majority of the research of the Post-graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture is held. Concentration area in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, 12 labs in the HEI which are shared with the Program, and 11 labs that are the result of national or international inter-institutional cooperation.

Labs of Exclusive Use of the Program (6)

  1. Molecular Biology Lab;
  2. Biotechnology of Vegetable Products and Microorganism Lab;
  3. Chemistry of Natural Products Lab;
  4. Microbiology and Agricultural Nematology Lab;
  5. Microbiology and Culture of Vegetable Tissue Lab;
  6. Mushroom Farming Lab;

Labs Shared with the Program in the HEI (12)

  1. Greenhouse;
  2. Medicinal Plants Garden;
  3. Reference Center in Horticulture and Hydroponics;
  4. Phytotechnics Lab;
  5. Soil Lab;
  6. Unipar Experimental Farm;
  7. Botanics Lab;
  8. Biotechnology Lab;
  9. Bromatology Lab;
  10. Instrumental Analysis Lab;
  11. Microbiological Lab;
  12. Chemistry I, II, III & IV Lab;

IT Resources

The University is equipped with IT labs (53), with (7) located in Campus I unit in Umuarama-PR. The University is included in the National Network of Teaching and Research (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - RNP) since 2004. Since February 2016, there is Wi-fi available in the undergraduate and post-graduate classrooms. In a partnership with Google do Brasil, in 2017, the University adopted the Google for Education - Pathways platform for interactive teaching and learning. All undergraduate and post-graduate classrooms are fitted with audiovisual resources and ac systems. The Statistica Software version 13.3 (StatSoft South America, Quest Software Inc, Ok, USA), Serial Number JPZ711I235230FA-T, StatSoft Company version is also available for the analysis of statistical data for all students, whether remotely or on-site at the HEI.


The University Library is the basic support for the Institution to reach its research, teaching and extension objectives, with special care being provided to the purchase and updating of the institutional collection, which is reflected on the amount of research performed by both the Professors and the Students. The physical and virtual collections have the purpose of meeting the needs of all the areas in the undergraduate and post-graduation courses at UNIPAR.

Additional Information

One of the strong points of the Program is its great interaction with the undergraduate courses, such as the Agronomic Engineering course, and with the disclosing of technologies to students and local population.

Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

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