Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

15 vacancies (master's degree)
12 vacancies (doctorate degree)

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Legal Status - Master's Degree

Master's Degree Course recommended by CAPES and accredited according to Ordinance MEC No. 1077, dated August 31, 2012, published in the Federal Official Gazette No. 178 – Section 1, from September 13, 2012.

Legal Status - Doctorate Degree

Ph.D. Course recommended by CAPES based on OFFICIAL LETTER No 161-5/2013/CTC/CAA I/CGAA/DAV/CAPES dated September 17, 2013.

About the program

Universidade Paranaense offers the Postgraduate Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, approved and recommended by CAPES, since 2006 at master's level and at the doctoral level since 2014. The Program is aimed at professionals who graduated in Agronomic Engineering, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Food Engineering and Technology, Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, and related areas.

Evaluated with Concept 4 at CAPES, Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel, with its own capacity to finance research and with professors with a Research Productivity grant from CNPq and Fundação Araucária (FAP of Paraná State). Of the permanent professors of the program, with training in agronomy, biology, food sciences, and pharmacy, 58% are post-docs, 42% have a research productivity scholarship and 25% have experienced or international academic training in different research centers or international universities (Netherlands, Italy, France and/or England). This combination of professors with different backgrounds, experiences and agreements with several foreign institutions has resulted in a successive increase in scientific publication, above the average in the area of ​​Agricultural Sciences I.

The Program is committed to the development of the region in the area of ​​Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, science and the training of highly competent and skilled professionals in the area of ​​Agricultural Sciences. Since its creation, more than 160 titles have been awarded to masters and doctors for graduates from different regions of the country.

The Postgraduate Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture has since 2019 two lines of research:

  • Biotechnology Applied to Agricultural Microbiology
  • Biotechnology Applied to Plant Breeding

The Program has strong interaction with agricultural research companies and annually holds the event on Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture and related areas. This is a time when graduates and market professionals bring information about the needs of the Brazilian market in relation to agricultural biotechnology and trends.


Discounts Offered

  • Unipar Graduates - 25% (Graduate or Postgraduate)
  • Graduates from other institutions - 15% (Graduate or Postgraduate)


Odair Alberton

Odair Alberton

Índice H (Scopus): 15

Bolsista Produtividade Nível 2 do Cnpq


O Regulamento do Programa de Pós-graduação em Biotecnologia Aplicada à Agricultura, em nível de Mestrado e Doutorado, foi definido pelo Colegiado do PROBIOT, referendado pela Coordenação de Pós-graduação (COPG) e aprovado pelo Conselho Superior de Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão da Universidade Paranaense (CONSEPE).

Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

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